Central Elementary School Riverside, IL

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Volunteers, get your ART ON!

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The Cultural Arts in the Classroom Presentation program has a long, rich history at Central Elementary School in Riverside, Illinois. The first parent organization was formed in 1893 as an Art League interested in “beautifying the school and awakening in children the love of art.” Annual membership fees of 50 cents for adults and 10 cents for children provided a fund to purchase pictures. Artwork and sculptures also were donated by community members including the Della Robbia Bambini, now located inside Central’s main entrance.

Since that time, volunteers have dedicated themselves to helping our students appreciate art by presenting the “picture of the month” to the class.  Volunteers can work with a friend or spouse. The research on the artist and the artwork can be found on this site as a volunteer resource.  Volunteers also conduct a supporting art related activity.  Suggested art projects are provided for each artist and genre.

The whole thing takes about an hour! That’s it. It’s a great way to get involved and engage with your student’s classroom.  We’re sure you and your students will find this experience rewarding.

Thank you for volunteering to promote the Arts at Central School!